In this the first of the Amelia Peabody series, thirty-one-year-old Victorian gentlewoman Amelia Peabody has inherited her father's strong will as well as his considerable fortune. On her way to Cairo to indulge her passion for Egyptology, she picks up Evelyn Barton-Forbes as a traveling companion.  Evelyn has a tarnished past, but both she and Amelia believe that it won't come back to haunt her. That belief is shattered when Evelyn is attacked by a walking, homicidal mummy.

Amelia enlist the aid of Radcliff Emerson, a prominent Egyptologist, to help unravel the plot against her friend and decipher the clues left by the mummy. Between grave digging and academic sparring, she manages to save his life. But with the threat of an ancient curse closing in, Amelia must resort to outrageous methods to prevent the mummy from making corpses pf them all.

THE LAST CAMEL DIED AT NOON  by Elizabeth Peters

CamelCover.jpg (264391 bytes)Having excavated in many of the most important sites in Egypt, Amelia, her distinguished and eminently desirable husband, Emerson, and their dauntingly precocious son, Ramses, now hope to go where no archeologist have ever gone before: the ruins of the ancient city of Napata in the heart of the Sudan. Alas, their dreams of untouched temples and royal pyramids are dashed - first by the British Empire, which is waging a cursedly inconvenient war in the region, and then by a noble-minded British subject with a ludicrous request: Find the explorer, Willoughby Forth.

Though common sense discourages Amelia and Company from following in Forth's ill-fated footsteps, forces both insidious and unknown conspire to draw them into uncharted desert waste.  And soon they find more than they bargained for.

LORD OF THE SILENT by Elizabeth Peters

Follow the adventures of Amelia and Emerson, their Son, Ramses and ward Nefret in this the latest of their saga, and see if once again they are pitted against the Master Criminal!




Coming soon...The Golden One...May, 2002

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